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Water and Fire Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Performed in New Albany, IN

Also Serving Louisville, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana

A man working on water damage restoration in New Albany, IN

Keep Your Property in Pristine Condition

It’s more than just a little water or smoke. Water and fire damage can have a long-lasting impact on your property in ways that aren’t always apparent. Both can lead to greater complications if left untouched, and unfortunately, both are also fairly complicated to deal with.
A Nicer Reflection Cleaning & Restoration Inc. dedicates itself to cleaning up existing damage and mitigating future catastrophes. We don’t promise quick fixes; we only promise the best ones for you and your possessions.

Water Damages and Dangers

Water destroys carpet, warps wood, and stains upholstery. It rusts metal and poses an electrical danger if it leaks into outlets. A flooded basement is much more than just pooled water. It might have chemicals or substances in it that are dangerous or toxic.
Water can encourage mold growth. Mold spores are almost everywhere but are harmless as long as they remain dry. When brought into contact with standing water, the spores activate and begin to grow.

Repairing Your Water Problem

We’ll pump out all of the water, then perform a deep cleaning and an assessment of damages. We’ll do all of this with every safeguard available, ensuring that no one is hurt from electrical leaks or chemical exposure. Depending on how long your woodwork or carpet was exposed, we will either save it or replace it. You’ll want everything scrubbed and disinfected to prevent disease.​

Fixing Fire Damages

Your home might be damaged by a fire, but it’s not destroyed. Is it still habitable?
It probably is, but you should repair the fire damage. Fire damage includes soot stains, scorched wood, and scattered ash. Cleaning all of this takes time and an eye for detail. In addition, burned materials can release toxic chemicals into the air. These gases need to be pumped from your property to prevent personal injury.
Scorched materials probably need to be replaced, and some soot stains can’t be scrubbed out. Ash is relatively simple to clean, but it gets everywhere, and cleaning it can be very tedious.

Work With the Professionals

Fortunately, when it comes to fire damages, you don’t need to handle them on your own. Contact us to receive our services. We provide superb damage repair, cleaning, and restoration services to residents in need. Your damages won’t know what hit them. Consult with us today.