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Testimonials 2015

2015 Customer Testimonials

12/31/15 (carpet & upholstery cleaning) Thank you so much for the highly professional work done to our carpet & couch.  The tech did such a great job!  We didn’t think it would ever look so good again! (It was very dirty)  He worked his magic & made it look pristine.  We really appreciate that we always get such great work done. – Bob & Sandy C.
12/9/15 (repairs) The ceiling looks great!  You did a fantastic job re-texturing it.  Thank you! – Lori C.
12/9/15 (water damage) Just wanted to tell you all I am very pleased with the work.  Everything looks GREAT! – Lori C.
11/30/15 (carpet & tile cleaning) Techs did a beautiful job on carpet & tile.  We always appreciate your service! – Donna H.
11/25/15 (air duct cleaning) The techs were so polite and nice!  They explained everything they were doing.  I could not believe  how much stuff came out of our vents!  Thank you for doing a great job! – Diane S.
11/11/15 (air duct cleaning) Your techs did a great job on my air ducts!  Cleaned everything up very well.  They even worked well with our testy 18-year-old poodle!  They were just AWESOME!!! – Janet C.
10/7/15 (carpet cleaning) You did a fantastic job in cleaning my carpets! – Jeanette C.
7/31/15 (carpet cleaning) Our steps haven’t looked that good since we put them in. – Samuel M.
6/15/15 (water damage) Excellent service. Came as soon as we called to assess damage.  Checked each day as to the success of the drying process.  They arrived on time, cleaned up any mess & finished the job in a timely & expert manner.
– Madelyn G.
6/10/15 (carpet cleaning) Your technicians did a fine job!  My carpet looks wonderful! – Frank H.
6/4/15 (tile cleaning) I could not be happier!  The tile looks wonderful!  It has been cleaned before but never looked this good! – Dana S.
6/1/15 (structure cleaning due to dust) Thank you & your staff for taking care of our “dust” problem.  We appreciate your fast & courteous service from everyone!  Thank you! – Barb G.
5/18/15 (carpet cleaning) Your tech is good!  He did a great job in cleaning my carpets! – Ella W.
5/15/15 (roof replacement & repairs) I was very satisfied.  The company did a great job & the people were very helpful.  I will contact them again for repairs that are not insurance related. – Sarah R.
4/15/15 (Facebook comment) I am honored to sing the praises of A Nicer Reflection Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.  They have been my go-to cleaning (& restoration) company for many years.  They do great work & make sure everything is done in an excellent, timely manner, making sure no string is left untied.  From furniture to blinds, from carpets to complete restoration after an untimely dishwasher calamity (on Christmas Eve no less!)   When the insurance agent heard who I was having do the job, he was delighted.  He said they are great to work with.  I didn’t have another thing to do after I contacted ANRC&R, Inc.  They took it from there.  Great job, you guys, each & every time! Thanks!! – Paula C.
3/30/15 (air duct cleaning) Your techs were wonderful & were a pleasure to have in my home.  They did a great job on my air duct cleaning.  If I need anything else done, I will request them. – Anna J.
2/2/15 (water damage) Your “kindness” is greatly appreciated!!  Thank you! – Karl & Jeanine T.
1/29/15 (fire contents cleaning) Your company did a fantastic job!  Thank you for all your hard work! – Sharon A.
1/9/15 (water damages) I would recommend your services to anyone / everyone!  Extremely professional, a business of integrity.  God bless you!! – Maria F.