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Testimonials 2017

2017 Customer Testimonials

12/22/17  (carpet cleaning & topical pet odor control)  Your tech was so thorough & personable.  I enjoy working with your company.  My carpet looks brand new!  -- Lara W.
12/18/17  (carpet replacement)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your company was fantastic in handling our claim; performing every service that you had promised in a timely & professional manner & being the most honest & ethical company that we have ever dealt with.  Your help was invaluable & your integrity is impeccable. God bless you & your employees & may your company continue to grow & help others.  -- Gary & Becky C.
12/1/17  (air duct & dryer vent cleaning)  Your company did a really good job.  -- Judy B.
12/1/17  (carpet cleaning & Scotchgard)  Good work.  -- Marilyn B.
11/15/17  (water damage claims)  Y'all did a good job, expensive, but good.  Thanks!  -- George B.
11/2/17  (carpet cleaning)  I had your company clean my carpets & upholstery last Nov. & you did such a good job, I called you back this year.  -- Julie H.
10/26/17 (carpet cleaning)  Thank you for doing such a good job of cleaning all the carpet in my home.  The men were so helpful and spent a lot of time on high traffic areas - which came out perfect.  They were great and I will definitely be calling you again!!!                   -- Donna T.
10/25/17 (air duct cleaning)  Men were so polite, professional, and thorough cleaning my air vents.  They explained the process so well.  We were referred to this company and we will definitely refer this company.  Fantastic job!!  -- Charles S.
10/24/17 (carpet cleaning) Carpets look beautiful. Everything turned out great!  -- Vickie A.
10/24/17 (air duct cleaning) ​ Men were a pleasure to have in my home.  So polite!  I will definitely recommend A Nicer Reflection to my family and friends.  -- Kay R.
10/13/17 (repairs) Your contractor was a great worker and got the job done well & quickly.  It was a pleasure working with everyone in the company.  -- Evan H.
10/12/17 (air duct cleaning)  The service was great & your techs were wonderful to have work in our home.  Thank you!                         -- Elizabeth P.
10/12/17 (carpet cleaning)  The men were nice.  The carpet looks good.  -- Trudy P.
10/3/17 (carpet cleaning & Scotchgard)  Your techs did a fabulous job & were so kind. I will definitely call A Nicer Reflection again!  Thank you!  -- Mrs. Dallas J.
10/3/17 (carpet & air duct cleaning)  Your techs are excellent employees and did a great job. Thank you!  -- Jim M.
9/22/17 (repairs)  I was really shocked at how friendly and helpful this company is. We had a problem which I hated to ask about and very quickly they were back at our house, reworked the fix and never had a word to say but sorry they had to inconvenience us. True customer service.  -- Rick W.
9/21/17 (emergency service and repairs)  I wanted to let Jerry and his tech know I am very pleased with the work. Thank you!                  -- Brenda T.
9/11/17 (carpet cleaning)  I am pleased with the carpet cleaning. Your techs did a very nice job and I will recommend your Company to my family and friends. My carpet looks fresh and clean.  -- Alvetta B.
9/8/17 (carpet cleaning)  We have been using A Nicer Reflection carpet cleaning for some years now. Always on time and they do a great job.  -- Philip D.
8/24/17 (repairs)  Very satisfied. Excellent job on all work. Professional employees. Superb job communication to clients. Very detailed job management. Restoration equipment & skills to bring project to original status. Highly recommend this company.     -- Rick B.
7/19/17 (carpet & upholstery cleaning)  A wonderful family owned business that I highly recommend!  – Darcy G.
7/16/17 (carpet cleaning)  This is the second time I have used A Nicer Reflection. The crew arrived at the scheduled time. They were courteous and did an excellent job. The price of the cleaning was very competitive and I believe in using local businesses.I would recommend their services and will continue to use them in the future.  -- Leianne M.
6/8/17 (water damage & repairs)  Very professional, prompt, & courteous service!  Thanks again for all that you do!  – Garry P.
5/30/17 (water damage & repairs)  Thanks again to you & your techs for all of the help.  – Patrick N.
5/25/17 (dryer vent cleaning)  Men did a very efficient job, were very polite & a pleasure to meet.  – Joan E.
4/21/17 (air duct cleaning)  Your company was great to deal with. I talked to the office staff & spoke with her about my concerns, & I said what day I was available for someone to come to my house.  She was wonderful to speak to.  Then the 2 gentlemen showed up on time & ready to get the job done. They did a perfect job & even chatted with my husband & I.  We love working with people that are personable; makes the experience that much better.  My vents are now in top notch condition & I absolutely love the work they did.  – Megan S.
4/20/17 (carpet & upholstery cleaning)  Everything turned out great!  We have always used Coit in the past & will now be using A Nicer Reflection.  Sofa turned out better than we could have hoped for. Thank you!  – Tom W.
4/14/17 (carpet & upholstery cleaning)  Your techs did a wonderful job as usual!  – Janet P.
3/29/17 (insulation removal & replacement)  We couldn’t be happier with the quality & professional kindness shown by your technicians! Good job!  – Gary & Donna K.
​3/28/17 (water damage & repairs)  The insured was VERY complimentary of you & how well you took care of them & how happy she was that they called you.  I’m very mindful of all the complaints we hear day to day so I wanted to make sure you were aware of the positive as well.  I greatly appreciate you taking such good care of our customer.  Thanks again!  – Andy M., Insurance Adjustor
3/3/17 (insurance adjustor)  So fortunate my company trusts their adjustors to recommend contractors to our insureds and, of course, I am a big fan of A Nicer Reflection.  I will definitely send some people your way.  – Shana M., Insurance Adjustor
3/3/17 (water damage)  Was a pleasure to work with under the circumstances.  Worked quickly to dry & prevent any other damage to our home.  Highly recommend!  – Lea B.
3/3/17 (emergency service water damage & repairs)  Excellent service & quality work!  Would recommend to anyone.  – William P.
2/22/17 (air duct cleaning)  Your techs did a great job!  I could breathe much easier even before they finished cleaning the ducts!  They were great guys too.  – Scott V.
2/16/17 (air duct cleaning)  Your techs were nice, perfect gentlemen.  They did very good work.  We will get our ducts cleaned every year.  – Peter L.
1/26/17 (carpet & tile cleaning)  Could never have imagined tile & carpet would look so good!  – Sandy C.
1/19/17 (emergency service)  Thanks again for a great job cleaning up stupid mistakes.  You are all greatly appreciated and we do appreciate the care you show for our home.  We can’t promise it won’t happen again but we do know who to call first if it does.   – Sincerely, Lois & Bruce M.